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Can Your Trees Benefit From Injections? tree injections

Doris just wasn’t ready to part with her large laurel oak tree. The tree was valuable to her because it had been in her family for years and provided the only real shade on her property. Yet the tree was deteriorating so rapidly we had to come back twice a year just to trim off all the dead branches. Finally I suggested a combination of tree injections and fertilizer treatments. Now a full year later, after just two treatments, her tree’s leaves have turned from yellow to green and there is noticeable new growth.

How Tree Injections Work
Arborists and other tree care professionals have been administering tree injections for more than twenty years. These injections introduce insecticides, nutrients, fungicides, and antibiotics into the vascular systems of trees. To accomplish this, a small hole is first drilled into the tree and then the substance is injected. These highly concentrated doses are carried up and dispersed throughout the tree, to protect every last leaf.

Benefits of Tree Injections
If your trees are suffering from disease or infested with insects and traditional pesticides and insecticides have not solved the problem, then tree injections may help. Here are some of the benefits of tree injections:

  • Tree injections are absolutely essential to provide protection against difficult to control insects and diseases.
  • They can also improve the overall health of distressed trees.
  • Although tree injections cannot cure disease, they can slow down the disease and extend the life of your trees.
  • Because the chemicals are injected directly into the tree and not sprayed onto the tree, harmful chemicals (like insecticides) are not released into the air.

  • Alternatives to Injections
    There are viable alternatives to injecting chemicals into trees. Pesticides can be applied directly to the foliage or to the soil. You can also drill holes along the drip line of the tree as a method for applying fertilizer. These applications allow the substances to be absorbed directly into the tree through the root system.

    A Word of Caution
    Healthy trees have the ability to fight off most infestations that could occur, without the assistance of chemical injections. Yet some arborists recommend injections for all trees, even healthy ones. Understand that tree injections are not a cure all and they can sometimes do more harm than good. Finally, don’t waste your money. Some trees are too far gone to be helped. In those cases it’s best to let Mother Nature take its course.

    If you are uncertain as to whether tree injections will help your trees, talk to two or more arborists and solicit a variety of opinions before taking any action.

    Jon Wilbur is an ISA Certified Arborist and co-owner of Pinellas Tree Service, in Clearwater.

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