About Us

History of the Company

Pinellas Tree Service is a 43 year old company founded by Jon Wilbur. Jon was, and is, a highly motivated, extremely entrepreneurial, certified arborist and lifelong resident of Pinellas County. He started the company out of his pickup truck just out of high school. Jon was very successful early in his career in the lawn and landscape business, but overtime, grew more into tree work. Jon became one of the first to go through the arborist program in Pinellas County and receive his certification. In 1995 Jon brought in a partner as the business was growing and became overwhelming. The business flourished over the next 20 years, broadening their customer base and adding equipment. In the fall of 2015 Jon and his partner decided it was time to sell.

The Company Today

Dan Fields the current owner of Pinellas Tree Service is a graduate of the University of Florida receiving a degree in Agricultural Business Management. Upon graduation he went into the agricultural chemical sales business, selling in the citrus and vegetable industry. The next 20 years were managing citrus groves and agricultural investments for multiple principles. In part, due to the greening disease in citrus, Dan decided to make a career change. On November 1, 2015 Dan purchased one of the bay areas largest, oldest, and most successful tree services. Dan likes to say, “I grew 100,000 citrus trees for 20 years, now I am doctoring, pruning, and removing trees of all kinds”. Through the sale of the company, Dan and Jon Wilbur became fast friends and fortunately Jon agreed to stay a part of the team. Today Jon serves as our Chief Arborist. “I am very blessed to have Jon as a mentor, friend and associate. Not often do buyers and sellers get along and enjoy working together after a sale the way we do” says Dan. Dan, being a fifth generating South Tampa resident, has now expanded service in his “old stomping ground”, spending 1 or 2 days a week in Tampa. “Our whole team here at Pinellas Tree Service is excited about growing and serving the Tampa Bay Area for many years to come”.

Our Team

Pinellas Tree Service has 2 full time and 2 part time certified arborist. Our office manager and bookkeeper (Ellen) does her best to keep us all in line and looks forward to receiving calls from our customers daily. Pinellas Tree Service currently has 10 Tree workers consisting of climbers, cutters, and groundsman. Typically, in the tree business, you have a great deal of employee turnover, which is not optimum in a highly technical and highly dangerous field such as ours. At Pinellas Tree over half of our tree crew has been with the company between 5 – 25 years. Our employees are good folks who take pride in the jobs they perform for our customers”. We will go the extra mile to make you happy!