State of the Art Tree Equipment

Pinellas Tree Service uses only state of the art equipment, specifically designed for high-production tree service work. That means we can work more efficiently and get your job completed faster than almost all of our competitors.

With a fleet of equipment that includes bucket trucks, cranes, log loaders, tractors, stump grinders and wood chippers… we can safely handle any Pinellas County or South Tampa job, big or small.

Pinellas Tree Service Bucket Truck

Bucket Trucks

The bucket truck is used to lift tree service workers high in the air, so they can safely work on trees that can’t be reached from the ground. It is an absolutely essential vehicle for any tree service company, due to the extreme heights and difficult locations in which we are required to work. To insure that our bucket trucks are kept in good working order, we submit to a rigorous, annual safety inspection by the truck’s manufacturer.

Pinellas Tree Service Equipment

Tract Lifts

Tract Lifts are used in sensitive areas including narrow openings and manicured yards.  They allow us to do our job efficiently with minimal impact to the customer’s property

Pinellas Tree Service Equipment


Used for difficult tree removal, our 40 ton capacity cranes can lift large sections of trees over or around buildings, when we do not have the option of letting the cut tree sections fall to the ground. Cranes save considerable time on the job and they are much safer for tree service workers to use than conventional tree removal methods. Crane use also protects our client’s valuable property from damage.

Pinellas Tree Service Professional Services

Log Loaders

Also referred to as “knuckle cranes,” log loaders are specifically designed to load logs. These machines, which can lift up to 3 ½ tons, are known as “back savers” because they can quickly and safely lift loads that would otherwise require hours of manual labor.

Pinellas Tree Service Professional Services


We use two distinctly different types of tractors, both with specialized attachments for tree service work. One is a compact tractor with “turf-friendly” tires. It is used to pick up brush and logs in areas where access it tight. Our second tractor is a large, heavy-duty tractor, used primarily for lot and land clearing.

Pinellas Tree Service Professional Services

Stump Grinders

After a dead or unwanted tree has been removed, stump grinders can either grind down or totally remove the stump. Many of our competitors use outdated “tow behind” stump grinders, which are large, slow, machines that need to be hooked to the back of a truck in order to work. We use only self-propelled stump grinders, that are small enough to fit through tight spaces, yet powerful enough to quickly grind any stump.

Pinellas Tree Service Professional Services

Wood Chippers

Most wood chippers can only grind up brush. Our wood chippers are different. They are not just brush chippers but heavy duty chippers designed to quickly grind brush and logs up to 18 inches in diameter into quality mulch.